Employer Awards by Tech Career Show is a European competition without restrictions for company size and type. Any company with an office in Europe is welcome to submit entries. No matter if you are a global tech leader or a startup with 5 employees, you have a chance of receiving recognition of your achievements.

  • The eligibility period is from 1 September 2021 to 24 February 2023. Any HR practice, policy or strategy implemented between these dates is eligible for an award.
  • There is no limit on the number of entries a company can submit in the competition.
  • Entries must be submitted in English via the official awards management software used for the competition – Evalato. Access is provided upon registration.
  • The initial category of an entry can be changed upon request at any point before the final submission of the entry.


1 September 2021 – 24 February 2023

Key Dates

27 Jan 2023

Registration deadline

24 Feb 2023

Submission deadline

March 2023

Jury and public voting

25 April 2023

Finalists announcement

8 May 2023

Winners announced


Making sure all worthy entries get the recognition they deserve is always our top priority. Our team has spent years perfecting the awards evaluation process to make sure your entries get fair and balanced scores.


Upon submission, each entry is assessed to ensure that each field is completed in accordance with the requirements and that the entry meets the eligibility criteria. If an entry is approved, it continues into the judging phase. Rejected entries receive feedback from our team on why the entry got rejected and what changes need to be made for re-submission. Last-minute entries that get rejected are not eligible for re-submission.


All approved entries in a category are evaluated by an expert jury. Our jury panel consists of innovation and HR gurus, thought leaders, professors, futurists, technology entrepreneurs, investors, serial company founders, best selling authors, world-renowned journalists, bloggers, editors and publishers.

Each entry is evaluated by a panel of 4-8 judges, within a set of categories assigned in accordance with their field of expertise. The process ensures that any affiliations of a judge with any of the competing entries are taken into consideration, and respectively no judges are assigned categories where such entries are present.

The entries are evaluated on their own merit, based on the set criteria, rather than being judged against each other. The final score of an entry is the total average score from the ratings given by each jury member in the category.

Score normalization

To make the scoring system as fair as possible, we normalize the scores. A mathematical formula is used to ensure that every entry is scored based on the same set of standards, regardless of how many judges are evaluating the program submissions. Essentially, it helps reduce variation in judging by standardizing each judge’s scores.

A simple example of why this is much needed is when one judge has a more critical view, while another one is more generous and wishes to give generally higher scores. This is less of an issue if all judges score all submissions, as such discrepancies do not bias the average score. However, more often than not, judges score only subsets of applications. In order to account for any differences, we apply a formula to normalize the scores across all judges.

The mathematical technique relies on two separate measures of distribution to level the playing field. It balances scores prior to calculating the average score for each submission to account for this natural variation between judges. The process of how score normalization and the mathematical formula work is explained in detail here.

Criteria & Weights

Employer Awards by Tech Career Show entries are scored based on 3 key criteria:

For Best Employer

Workplace culture
& Values

& Creativity

& Engagement

For Best Strategy and Event

Objectives, Planning
& Execution

& Innovation

& Results

For Best Team & Manager

Career Show Tech Innovation & Creativity

& Creativity

Career Show Tech Results & Impact

& Impact

By registering in at least one category, you automatically enter the competition for People’s Choice awards at no additional cost.

Winning an award

During the evaluation process there are no restrictions on the number of awards that can be bestowed. As many or as few entries could be awarded per category as the jury deems appropriate and as their voting score determines. This ensures that entries do not compete against each other and they are evaluated by their own merit.

An entry needs to score 70 or more points to be awarded.

  • Platinum Award – 91 – 100 points
  • Gold Award81 – 89 points
  • Silver Award76 – 80 points
  • Bronze Award70 – 75 points

Public entries

Once the winners are announced, everything is made public so your entries can become a showcase of the best practices, the most original ideas, and the top innovations.

People’s Choice Awards

Each awards track has its own People’s Choice Award where the winners are decided by public voting. By entering at least 1 category, you also automatically enter the respective People’s Choice category for that track for free.

What winners get

All winners get the opportunity to order a commemorative eco-friendly trophy to mark their achievement.

In addition, as a winner you will also get:

  • Certificate of excellence.
  • Digital seal highlighting your accomplishment on your website, email signature, ads, etc.
  • Year-round promotional campaign of your company on all our communication channels.
  • PR materials provided for your own use.
  • Universal recognition of your greatness from some of the industry’s top professionals.
  • The opportunity to promote your achievements to prospective and current employees.

Entry kit

The Entry kit we have prepared for Employer Awards by Tech Career Show will give you additional details on entering the awards and creating your submissions (sample entry forms included).

Contact us

You can contact us via email at [email protected] or use the website’s chat function. Our team is always happy to help, provide more information, or advise which categories would be most suitable for your projects.

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