The digitalization of businesses secures the long term growth of the tech industry globally. The demand for tech talent has been steadily climbing over recent years and this exponential increase will continue to shape the labor market. The unbeatable perks the industry offers makes millions of people chase a career in tech. Work flexibility, job security, constant learning and salaries up to 50% higher than the average, are some of the main benefits making such careers so attractive to professionals

Vacancies in tech are out there, but how can you find the right one?

Job boards are the most traditional and well-known platforms where job-seekers end up when looking for opportunities. Nevertheless, especially within the tech industry, new and diversified approaches are taking over. Innovative recruitment strategies are on the rise, making the process more convenient for tech talent.

For those of you who had enough of submitting a CV online without the chance to make a lasting first impression, taking part in virtual and in person tech jobs fairs is the best way to stand out and proactively create new opportunities for your career development.

Job fairs have multiple advantages over regular job boards:

  • meet multiple potential employers in a day;
  • learn about a company’s culture first-hand;
  • expand your professional network;
  • practise your presentation and interpersonal skill;
  • get immediate feedback from employers;
  • explore companies and job positions you never thought of.

Regardless of your preferred approach to landing your dream job in tech, we listed the Top Tech Career Events and Job Boards for tech professionals in Europe to help you accelerate your career.

Best Tech Job Fairs to attend in Europe

1. Tech Career Show

Maybe you would think we are biased, but Tech Career Show is one of the most attractive career fairs for tech professionals in Europe.

Tech Career Show is a next-gen platform connecting tech pros with Europe’s leading employers. With monthly virtual events across Europe, Tech Career Show aims to bring together the brightest tech talent and the top employers in the European tech industry with the sole purpose of creating a common space to accelerate the development and competitiveness of the tech hub.

This is the only platform which completely breaks down geographic barriers, where tech job seekers are enabled to find career opportunities in 30+ countries in Europe regardless of their location. During the event days, qualified tech professionals can schedule 1:1 video meetings with potential employers of their choice and totally skip the traditional recruitment process. Advanced filters make the platform’s matchmaking a breeze and help you save tons of time and effort.

The companies looking to hire offer a very wide range of open positions, covering all areas of tech, which makes the events suitable not only for every tech talent out there, but also for job seekers without technical background, such as marketers, project managers and client facing roles as customer support, or sales specialists in tech companies.

We aim to deliver an exceptional user experience and that is why we put extra efforts to present tech talent with a diverse event program full of inspiring talks from leading experts on the latest topics within tech. The speakers of proven authority chosen to present at Tech Career Show’s events are often willing to give their professional advice in terms of career development, work-life balance, soft skills and much more.

Check Tech Career Show’s upcoming events and save the dates to explore limitless career opportunities.

2. Tech Job Fairs (TJF)

TJF is a platform aiming to match companies with the talents they are looking for. TJF organizes local-based events for tech and digital professionals in 14 countries around the globe both virtual and on-site, mainly in Europe. A program with speakers is almost always present at their events to add value for the attendees and enrich their experience.

Like Tech Career Show, TJF also presents job seekers with the chance to meet and explore career opportunities directly with potential employers and expand their network. Even though some of the events Tech Job Fairs organizes are virtual, they are still tied to specific countries. Therefore, it does not fully remove the geographic limitations as participating companies usually hire locally.

Moreover, certain elements of the platform can feel a little clunky for tech pros.

3. Techmeetups

Techmeetups organizes many local events across Europe. Their tech job fairs are fitting for not only technical IT positions but also Sales, Marketing in a very broad range of industries.

Techmeetups’ events usually do not include inspiring speakers or career advancement workshops. They are solely focused on speed interviews with employers. The job fairs are usually held in the evening, so not only students but also professionals who seek to switch jobs can attend.

However, the duration of the events is usually very limited, approximately 3 hours which can put participants and employers under pressure and reduce their time for networking. In addition, the local nature of the events again physically limits the audience, as well as the number of employers present at the events.

4. Silicon Milkroundabout

Silicon Milkroundabout is a job event for experienced tech professionals in the UK. It is held twice a year in London. It usually takes place in 2 consecutive days, focusing on two separate areas of expertise: Product, Design and Marketing, and Developers and Data Science. Again like Tech Career Show, attendees at the event are pre-approved based on their skills and professional profiles, as Silicon Milkroundabout aims to present the employers with qualified talent, while providing job opportunities for all levels of professional seniority.

The event puts around 200 companies and thousands of tech professionals together. However, the present employers are mostly based in the UK (primarily in London), which diminishes the value for job seekers throughout Europe and worldwide.

Best Platforms To Find a Tech Job in Europe

Now there are many job boards specializing in technology careers. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell which ones are worth your time, especially if you’re looking for a specific career path that recognizes your unique skill set.

If you still prefer the old-fashioned way of finding a job, here are the top 5 platforms to find a tech job in Europe to help with the job hunting process:

1. Dice

Dice is one of the most popular job boards for tech talent worldwide. It is known for the high specification of tech job positions. Customizable search features and user-friendliness of the platform are some of the advantages people recognise.

However, the majority of open tech positions come from US based companies. In 2018 Dice announced that they would exit the European market with their local platforms in Germany and UK, redirecting all traffic to their common website.

2. Honeypot

Honeypot is a European developer-focused job platform. It functions differently than a traditional job platform. On Honeypot you create a profile and wait for tech companies to apply to you. After passing their screening process to ensure your qualification, you are assigned to a personal Talent Success Advisor. Users find great value in being guided through the job seeking process. Advisors help them improve their profiles, benchmark salaries and improve their interview skills to optimize their chances of success.

However, the platform focuses mainly on software developers and data engineers and does not cover the wide range of positions within the tech industry that Tech Career Show does. Moreover, if you are not in the EU and prefer the traditional recruitment process, this might not be the best platform for you.

3. is a niche job board for tech professionals looking to relocate. The open positions there are mainly from EU countries, however you can also find vacancies in US, Japan and Australia.

The platform is equipped with features as net pay calculator and presents in-depth information on relocation, housing and visa assistance. The job offerings usually include advance relocation packages provided by the companies to attract the top tech talents.

If you are looking to advance your tech career abroad, is a platform worth considering.

4. Remote Tech Jobs

With the changing recruitment landscape in recent years, job boards specialized in remote positions emerged. Remote Tech Jobs is one of the popular websites for tech talent listing remote positions worldwide. The platform presents a wide variety of opportunities for different areas within IT. If you seek the benefits of remote work and independence of location for career advancement, Remote Tech Jobs would be a good choice.

5. Otta

Otta is another popular board for jobs at tech companies. It works as a matchmaking platform aiming to put the candidate’s preferences first. Otta is valued by tech talent because of the transparent information about employers such as employee reviews, salaries and industry information, even the response rate of the companies. In addition, professionals are presented with job openings tailored to their profiles to eliminate the irrelevant offers and customize the job seeking process.

Again, many diverse tech positions can be found across the US, while the European tech employers are fewer.

6. Landing.Jobs

Landing Jobs is a Portuguese platform that aims to be Europe’s tech job marketplace. It offers job positions within tech locally, remotely and even options for relocation. Landing jobs is considered easy to use by job-seekers because of its simplicity. Users find its multiple filters very handy, especially the Visa Support filter which makes the job searching process easier for talents outside Europe.

Another convenient feature of the platform is the live chat. Tech professionals rate the support quite high as it provides personal assistance during the process of landing a job. This appears to be of greatest value for tech graduates who lack experience in the job hunt.

In addition, Landing Jobs publishes useful reports and analysis of Europe’s tech landscape and recruitment.

In conclusion

The tech recruitment landscape will continue to grow. While traditional job boards are likely to stay, more interactive platforms will occur and shape the hiring practices. Career fairs are a great alternative for tech professionals who are proactive and want to pursue new opportunities.

Innovative career platforms like Tech Career Show present tech talents with the greatest potential to find a job. Tech Career Show totally breaks down the geographic barriers and creates a one-stop environment to gain new insights and meet numerous leading employers across Europe. During our virtual career events tech professionals can conduct direct 1:1 video meetings with potential employers of their choice and skip the traditional recruitment process.

Tech Career Show is the career event platform that offers seamless experience for tech pros who want to take the shortcut to their dream job.