7 Soft Skills Every Tech Professional Needs

Hard technical skills are no longer enough to secure a long-term career development for tech professionals. Often underestimated, soft skills appear to be as important for employers. Possessing such personal intangible qualities plays a major role in the decision-making process not only in the recruitment process but also in any future promotions.

We listed the most valuable soft skills that set apart successful tech professionals and how you can improve them to climb to the top of the career ladder by taking part in career advancement events such as those of Tech Career Show.

1. Communication skills

Communication skills have become a basic requirement for almost every job and industry. The broad tech field is not an exception. Nowadays, professionals must be able to effectively communicate not only with teammates to solve complex issues but also with supervisors and all kinds of stakeholders at different levels of the organization.

Good communication skills, both verbal and written are a key success factor for securing an advancement of your career path. Good presentation skills and the ability to translate technical terms and concepts to clients or co-workers who do not “speak tech” is another layer of communication skills that elevates the soft skill set.

2. Creativity

Creativity is not always associated with heavy technical positions and overlooked as a demanded soft skill because of the nature of the industry. However, the opposite proved to be true – creativity in information technologies is the main industry driving force that ultimately leads to innovation.

It does not always mean that you have to come up with something completely new, creativity can also help you solve current problems and come up with alternative ways to fulfill a task.
Thinking outside the box has led to some of the greatest technological breakthroughs and innovative tech solutions we use on a daily basis. Moreover, some of the most successful companies in the tech industry started just on a creative idea.

Therefore, tech talent should keep an open mind and turn to their creative side to be part of the future of their industry.

3. Problem-solving

The ability to solve problems with an analytical mindset is the most common requirement in any tech job that you might come across. In the dynamic tech industry, unexpected obstacles and complex business challenges arise daily. Being capable of identifying the source of a problem and solving it in an effective and timely manner is highly valued by tech employers as it saves time and money.

Furthermore, the complexity of the day-to-day operations conducted by tech pros is inevitably accompanied by trial and error. Therefore, those who can apply critical thinking in their working process will manage to find the problems and eliminate them to secure the success of their projects.

4. Teamwork

Perhaps the most crucial soft skill is the ability of an individual to work in a team. Large scale tech projects always require professionals with diverse skills and background to work as a team in order to achieve a common goal. A bright example for such collaborative projects can be found in the highly competitive gaming industry where thousands of tech pros are working together to build a memorable experience.

Individuals able to adapt to different types of personalities and leverage their communication style are better suited for a teamwork environment. Being good at brainstorming, giving feedback, active listening, and even conflict management are some of the main characteristics of a good teammate that every tech talent should strive to achieve.

5. Time management

No matter if you are a freelancer or a part of a multinational tech corporation, time management is one of the most important soft skills you can apply. Working on projects and meeting constant deadlines are inseparable parts of working in tech. Employees who work in a timely manner are seen as more valuable team members and often more suitable for managerial positions.

Even the brightest tech talent cannot compensate for the overload of their teammates or worse, damage the reputation of the company by missing a deadline.

6. Being proactive

Tech being one of the fastest developing industries requires constant gaining of knowledge, acquiring new skills and following industry innovations. Tech professionals should proactively look for better ways to enhance their productivity and optimize the workflow of a team using the latest technologies. Identifying new opportunities and proposing innovative solutions is rarely something a mediocre tech worker would do. Bringing new ideas to the table is always valued by leaders and people who think one step ahead will always be the first choice for promotions within a business organization.

7. Empathy

Tech professionals able to show empathy are superior in detecting challenges and opportunities. You cannot build a sufficient technology without understanding the clients and their needs. Willingness to help and being a good listener are key personal attributes for tech employees who also perform client facing roles. As this case is quite common, especially in smaller companies, empathy becomes one of the soft skills needed for professional advancement in the tech field.
Empathetic employees are also considered better teammates. Teams where collaboration and mutual trust are present tend to perform better in terms of achieving business objectives.

How to advance your soft skills?

No matter if you think you already mastered the soft skills of tech pros or you just started building them, there is always room for improvement. If you want to advance your soft skills, there are several steps to do so:

Start with self-evaluation

In order to improve your soft skills, first you need to identify strengths and weaknesses to be able to improve. Naturally, different people are stronger in some soft areas than others. Take some time to self-reflect and define the areas you want to improve that will contribute the most to your career development.
Our advice is to ask co-workers or even your manager to give you their honest opinion on your skill set since people tend to be deceptive when it comes to self-evaluation.
Staying open minded and accepting all feedback as constructive criticism will show you areas for improvement you might have missed.

Make a plan for action

Once you manage to define the soft skills you want to perfect for your tech career, it is time to make a plan on how to develop them and act on it. There is a ton of information out there that can help you reach your goals. You can read all kinds of e-books, articles and blogs with practical knowledge on how to acquire a certain skill.
While reading about it is a good starting point and provides a solid basis for progress, a more active approach can be adopted to significantly improve your soft skills. Participating in workshops, interactive lectures and webinars is a significantly better option.

Practice makes perfect

Let’s face it – the only way to improve is practice. Take every opportunity to use the skills you want to upgrade. Apply what you’ve learned consciously every day at your workplace and soon those skills you are trying to develop will become a natural part of you.

In conclusion

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