Tech Career Show is an innovative platform for employers to find qualified tech professionals. No matter if you are running an international corporation or a small startup, onboarding motivated and talented employees is key for achieving your business objectives. If you are seeking such professionals to join your team, Tech Career Show is the perfect platform. Here are some of the numerous benefits your company can get by taking part in our events:

1. Ride the wave of recruitment innovation

Undoubtedly, the recruitment landscape has dramatically changed over the past few years. Hiring teams face challenges to adapt to the rapidly shifting trends such as remote hiring, flexibility, diversity, and inclusion.

The disruption of the traditional HR practices calls for innovative solutions. It’s where Tech Career Show steps in to offer an innovative approach to diversify your recruitment strategy. Our virtual career platform will help you eliminate the disadvantages of the old-fashioned hiring process and ride the wave of recruitment innovation.

2. Attract the next generation of talents

Generation Z is already entering the job market and the attraction of this tech-savvy talent requires a new approach in terms of hiring. Innovation and streamlined tech solutions throughout the recruitment process are the most important decision-making factors when it comes to even submitting an application. Tech Career Show’s platform meets all the requirements to deliver a seamless virtual experience and engage the next generation with interactive programs. Only future-focused HR teams recognizing the need to be present on such platforms will be able to attract and retain the new tech professionals and outperform the competition.

3. Eliminate the geographic barriers in hiring

European companies are actively searching for tech professionals and we know the local talent pool rarely meets the demand. In today’s job market, you can’t afford to limit your hiring pool to your immediate region. Our cross-border concept makes it easier to connect with ideal tech talent regardless of their location across Europe and build a diverse team of experts by removing the geographic limitations in recruitment.

In addition, the convenience of our virtual career platform reflects in much higher attendance rates in comparison to any physical job fair. Taking part in Tech Career Show’s events gives you exclusive access to the profiles of 10K+ tech professionals ready to explore career opportunities across borders.

4. Access an extended talent pool with pre-selected qualified tech professionals

With Tech Career Show, you can totally skip the process of pre-screening potential employees. Even though we put together thousands of tech talents, we always prioritize quality over quantity of applicants first. Our team puts extra efforts to secure the talent pool is full of qualified candidates. We review each and every application prior to giving access to the platform, all to make sure the registered attendees cover our pre-selection criteria based on relevant higher education, skills, and experience in the tech field.

5. Improve your recruitment efficiency

Looking to hire more tech talent in less time to fill the current talent gap in your company? Tech Career Show has got your back!

  • Our monthly events cover the most in-demand tech job positions and allow you to close certain competence gaps in a day with a diverse database of tech talent
  • The platform’s smart search features enable you to filter applicants based on selected criteria to find relevant profiles within a matter of seconds
  • The standardized candidate profiles remove the need to screen hundreds of differently structured CVs
  • Speed virtual interviews are more efficient in terms of evaluating job-seekers for a position
  • Get multiple recruiter profiles with unlimited video meetings to optimize your time at the events
  • Better organize your time with your own personal agenda in the platform
  • Plan your meetings and send interviews invitations directly prior to the events days

6. Reinforce your employer brand on the European tech market

As a registered employer, you gain the advantage of increasing your visibility on the European market. Your brand will be strategically exposed to 10K+ tech talent and listed together with 500+ top tech companies in Europe, leaving a lasting impression as a leading employer on the job market.

Tech Career Show’s pre-events multichannel marketing will allow you to position your brand on top of the stakeholder’s mind and immensely increase brand awareness internationally. If you are looking for even greater visibility, becoming a sponsor of our platform, guarantees an upgrade to your marketing efforts in a diverse and targeted way.

7. Build your talent pipeline

It goes without saying that your presence at Tech Career Show’s events will enrich your talent portfolio with tech professionals. After each skill-based event you will end up with a database of promising candidates that should help you meet your current hiring needs. Not only will you have diverse professionals ready to move to the next stage of your recruitment process, but also a large talent pool of prospects you might want to approach for future openings.

8. Optimize your recruitment budget

We know HR departments are always balancing their annual budgets against the ever-changing recruitment needs. That is why Tech Career Show provides you with the solution with a one-stop environment to meet tech talent, easily trackable ROI, and cost per hire. As an employer, you get rid of the need to post extensive paid ads on different job boards and websites. On top of that you eliminate all the costs adding up to attend in-person career fairs such as traveling, branded space, and marketing costs.

9. Inspire your future employees

Nowadays employees want more than just a high-paying job. Company’s values, culture and the people working there have a tremendous effect on the decision job-seekers take for their future careers. Tech Career Show enables your organization to showcase and improve your employer branding in multiple ways. You are able to:

  • Use 1:1 video meetings to give your candidates the background of your brand and what you believe in as an organization
  • Demonstrate your company’s culture and shape the brand perception of future employees
  • Make the interviewer an advocate for your employer branding by giving first-hand feedback on you as an employer
  • Become a speaker at our events to show your expertise and inspire future employees
  • Enter Employer Awards by Tech Career Show and get the chance to be recognized as Employer of the Year across 140+ categories to take your employer brand to the next level.

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