With the rapid development and adoption of information technologies around the world, the demand for skilled tech professionals is ever so high. Companies are looking around the clock to acquire top IT talent in order to dominate in an ever-expanding market. However, the traditional recruiting process is often too slow. That’s where Tech Career Show steps in – to modernize the recruitment process and accelerate the development of the competitive IT hub in Europe.

What is Tech Career Show?

Tech Career Show aims to introduce the best tech talent to top IT companies in Europe through an innovative recruitment concept, which focuses on virtual skill-based events and direct video meetings.

What we do is organize 10+ skill-based events a year to cover the rich spectrum of tech job positions. With a free registration, you can explore 500+ companies with open positions based on your preferences and invite their representatives to 1:1 personal meetings to discuss job opportunities. At the same time, you have the unique chance to invest in your career growth. We strive to add value for our participants through interactive programs involving inspiring free talks on diverse themes regarding career advancement, productivity, work/life balance and industry-specific emerging topics.

Tech Career Show is NOT:

  • An old-school job board
  • An ordinary virtual career fair
  • A recruitment agency
  • A tech conference or expo

No, we are here to innovate the old ways of finding jobs in tech so prepare for something new!
Everyone interested in enhancing their IT career and exploring open positions can join our first virtual event on 24-25 November 2022.

Why you should join the community

With a free registration on the Tech Career Show platform you can:

  • Skip the traditional, nerve-wracking recruiting process of sending CVs, cover letters and waiting for a reply
  • Schedule direct 1:1 video meeting with 500+ top companies in Europe
  • Proactively meet numerous potential employers in a short time span
  • Explore different company cultures and values first-hand and see where you’d fit best
  • Participate in year-round career advancement events
  • Access exclusive webinars, interactive talks and coaching sessions with leading professionals
  • Build relationships and expand your professional network

How does it work?

The Tech Career Show platform requires just a few steps that will open the door to hundreds of career opportunities:

1.Register and create your profile

Every tech job seeker who wants to join Tech Career Show can do this with a FREE registration at https://techcareershow.com/register/
It takes just a few minutes to fill out your profile with information about your education, professional experience and career interests.

2. Find suitable employers and send each a meeting invitation

With Tech Career Show’s advanced filters you can optimize your search and find companies with open positions in your area of interest. Then you simply start sending meeting invitations to your potential employers so you can meet up during the event.

3. Browse our events calendar and choose which events to attend

You can check out our upcoming events and choose to attend the ones that suit your career goals the most. Take part in selected sessions in regards to the topics you find interesting to expand your professional horizon.

Explore the endless opportunities that the future of tech holds for you with Tech Career Show! Register for free now.