About Rene Pot

Senior Developer Advocate, DHIS2

As long as I remember I’ve been a software developer. From BASIC in the 90’s to Cross-platform mobile development in more recent years. In 2018 I switched to being a Developer Advocate, helping developers use software and improving the developer experience along the way. Over the years I’ve seen all kinds of companies from the inside, from failing startups to global enterprises.

What will you learn

Why deadlines can ruin your tech career, and how to fix it

No matter what company you’re going to get involved in, you’ll have someone asking you when you expect to finish a task. Whether that is your lead asking you about a specific task, or your boss asking your team about a whole feature set.

In this talk I will share some of my insights on how to navigate this, and how to set the best experiences for everyone. Furthermore, I’ll share some do’s and don’ts, not just from a developer’s point of view, but also from a management point of view.