About Sahar Changuel

Senior Data Manager, Société Générale

Sahar Changuel has a PhD on machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and during the last 10 years of experience hasn’t stop working with data: structured and unstructured in different use cases and for different services: education, media, audit, finance…. Her mandate was almost the same each time, it consists on making the data usable and exploitable in the best way that fits the business need.

In order to make the best use of data there is one fundamental requirement: data must be in a good quality, which can be a real challenge in some situations. Today, Sahar is a Senior Data Manager and a Data Quality Manager and her objective is to promote the data quality in her department.

What will you learn

Getting valuable insights from your data

Data is everywhere. Societies, families, individuals, and organizations of all types all depend on data to succeed.

Technology creates, changes, and uses data to accomplish its purposes. Data is integral to digital transformation and in the digital world we live in, there is an increasing need to raise awareness about the importance of data and information. It is important to teach tomorrow’s leaders to be data-aware. In fact, all the students need to learn why we have to manage data and information as vital assets, how to improve their quality, and the resulting benefits to organisations in all industries.