About Veerle van Leemput

Managing Director & Head of Data Science, Analytic Health

Veerle van Leemput is an entrepreneur who gets excited about data and programming. She is Managing Director and Head of Data Science at Analytic Health, a UK-based start-up company that develops intelligent and accessible technology which gives organisations the tools they need to accelerate innovation in healthcare. She has a Master’s Degree in Data Science and multiple years of experience in the pharmaceutical market. At Analytic Health, she is responsible for managing a team of software developers and data scientists that build software used by pharmaceutical and healthcare companies that seek intelligence to make data driven decisions.

What will you learn

From Data Scientist to Managing Director: Skills to succeed

Graduating from the first Data Science Master study in The Netherlands, Veerle found herself in an emerging profession where companies were still laying the foundation of their Data Science strategy. Choosing the same path as many graduates she started with a traineeship at a large IT firm, but quickly she realised that she would probably never be satisfied working full time for an employer. That’s why a couple of years later she started her own consultancy business, where she would meet her current business partner with whom she now runs a successful start-up in the healthcare tech space.

Starting and growing a business requires a specific entrepreneurial skillset. During this presentation, Veerle will talk about this skillset, her own experiences as a freelance consultant and Managing Director, the challenges that come with an own business, and her best tips to succeed when starting or growing a company.

This presentation is for everyone: from aspiring entrepreneurs thinking about their own company, to freelancing individuals trying to scale up their business, to established business owners interested in experiences of others.